LollipopWhat makes us special?

Our looks

We’re hip, hot and new!


We have bling! Our custom designed pendants add pizzazz.


We make your feet feel good.

Heel support

Your heels will love our gel cushions.

Arch support

A soft EVA insole with gentle arch support ensures long-lasting comfort.


A style and color to suit every outfit.


Dress us up or down!

Excellent traction

Herringbone outsole design improves traction.

Pending patents

Our design is one of a kind!


We’re made of quality materials – sandwich EVA soles, supple TPU uppers and gold-plated zinc alloy pendants. Materials were carefully selected to balance durability and comfort. Pendants are 100% rust and corrosion resistant which makes Love Beach™ flip flops perfect for salt-water environments and the elements.

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